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Revamping Services

Are your Hair Extensions tangled and matted? throwing it away because there just isn’t anything to do with it anymore? WELL, DON’T! Rose Gold has a way of revamping that year-old hair of yours to get an extra 2-4 months of wear out of! From the time you step into our studio to the time we are done with delivering the service, we ensure that you are fully satisfied and comfortable. Rose Gold finds you a deep conditioning treatment that’s right for your hair type. very affordable conditioner that works for you.

Look no further, click on the booking below, or just get to our salon. We’re just one call away waiting for you.


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We Want Your Hair To Look Fabulous

Anti-Age Your Hair

Treat yourself to a new style or treatment in our large, well-equipped training salons. Services are carried out by trainees under the direction and supervision of experts and technician team. We welcome new clients and our prices are affordable and reflect the level of professionalism at which we serve. Book An Appointment Today let give you styles with smiles

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