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Mongolian Pixie Wig | Where to Buy Wig in Ghana




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Mongolian Pixie Wig | Where to Buy Wig in Ghana

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Kinky Curly Lace Wig (12 inches), Human Hair Wigs For Black Women 150% Density 13×4 Kinky Curly Hair Lace Front Wig Human Hair

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We take every day special. Whether you want the elegance of a classic up-do or a more contemporary look, we’re here to serve you. We always recommend our handcrafted generic wig caps for your next style. Find out more about working with us to create a stunning look for your special event. Rose Gold offers the newest and best-selling designs from premier brands. Let your personality shine – wear our stunning women’s wigs, hairpieces, extensions, and other hair alternatives today. If you have sparse, thinning hair, illness-related hair loss, or simply a desire to look and feel you’re very best, you’ll find our wide variety of wig caps. Choose from our lightest-weight total capless designs.


Wigs making

WigsWig making

Wigs are having a moment right now and, I’m not sure why it hasn’t happened sooner. Think about it: Wigs are so damn versatile. Depending on the type of wig you choose, you can cut it, curl it, or color it so that it fits your vibe. Plus, they’re a great protective style option—wigs cover your natural hair from any potential damage, while still giving you the freedom to experiment with all types of looks. But before you go in on your wig, a few ground rules need to be established. 

 first, have to figure out what your hair goals are. Do you want a protective style that’s easy to maintain and requires zero effort? Would you rather have a wig that’s a bit more high-maintenance when it comes to caring, but allows you to switch up your parts and wear your hair in a high pony? Or do you just want something that’ll make your hair look long AF? Whatever your reason, it’ll determine which wig option best fits your vibe.

There are four different types of wigs you can pick from:

1 Ready-to-wear wigs

This option is perfect for beginners, or anyone who is way too lazy when it comes to hair maintenance. They come pre-cut, pre-colored, and pre-styled, says Johnson. They’re not as customizable as other wig options, but they are budget-friendly. 

2 Lace-front wigs

With a 4×4 inch lace closure in the front of the piece, these wigs give you more options when it comes to your part, says Johnson. Because of the lace closure, this option blends seamlessly with your hairline, making the wig look more realistic. This is a perfect starter wig for beginners, but they’re a bit pricier than ready-to-wear wigs, depending on where you buy yours from.

3 360 lace wigs

These babies have lace around the entire perimeter of the wig, with the wig cap placed in the center, says Johnson. The lace blends in with your scalp, so you’re able to switch up your style and easily throw your hair into a ponytail or a bun.

4 Full lace wigs

These are lowkey the Rolls Royce of wigs. The entire base of the wig is made up of lace, says Johnson. The lace is supposed to mimic the look of your scalp—and because you don’t have to worry about any tracks showing, you can wear the wig any way you want 

Full lace wigs are perfect for the person who can barely decide which movie to watch on Netflix, let alone what hairstyle they should commit to. Warning: this style requires more expertise when it comes to maintenance, so if this is your first wig rodeo, it might not be the best pick for you. 

Hair Styling in Madina Hair Styling in Madina

Wig Making

After you choose what type of wig you want,

You need to decide if you’re going to opt for synthetic hair or human hair. Human hair wigs are more expensive, but they look (and feel) more realistic, you can use heat to style them, and if you take care of them right, they’ll last you at least a year. Synthetic wigs look less natural and you can’t heat style them, but they’re way more wallet-friendly and need less upkeep than human hair wigs

I know—this sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s something you have to keep in mind! Most wigs have adjustable straps attached, but some wig options come in different sizes, so it’s good to have your measurements on hand to get a nice fit, Throw your natural hair in a ponytail and use a cloth measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head. This number will determine your cap size. 

Are you looking for a hair salon in Accra, that can give you the perfect beach waves, tousled curls, or a smooth blowout? RoseGold Beauty Shop Hair Salon is here, and our stylists aim to impress.

At Rose Gold, you can be sure to be professionally served very well by our team of professional Hairstylistspedicurists, Manicurists, makeup artistsand other sales staff. Knowing that your total beauty solution lies with us, we have constructed below a list of popular services we render to all our cherished customers. 

  • Braiding
  •  Make-up
  •  Manicure
  •  Weavon Fixing
  •  Revamping
  •  Wig Making
  •  Pedicure

We value every one of our customer’s time spent with us and hence we continually strive to provide the highest quality service to ensure you have a unique and memorable experience with us. Our extensive list of salon home & walk-in services and competitive prices get guests in the door and keep them coming back for more. 

Mongolian Pixie Wig Where To Buy in Ghana

About this item

  • HAIR STYLE: 100% Kinky Curly Afro Wig, 8A Brazilian Kinky Curly Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Plucked
  • 13X4 KINKY CURLY LACE WIG CLOSURE: Ear To Ear Lace Front Closure Kinky Curly Wig, (150G -230G/Bundle )(Density 150%) Medium Brown Lace Closure, Invisible Lace Frontal, Match Naturally With Your Skin Tone
  • HAIR QUALITY: You Will Meet Your Expectations Here- No Shedding, No Tangles, Can Be Straightened, Curled, and Styled As Your Own Hair. (For The LENGTH, Stretching The Hair To Be STRAIGHT and Then Measure)

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