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Hair Styling in Accra _ Where to Find Salon Hairdresser in Accra

Hair Styling in Accra _ Where to Find Salon Hairdresser in Accra Services

Where to Find Hairdresser in Accra _ Hair Styling In Accra

Styling your hair can give you a complete makeover. Hair styling is also a reflection of your mood and persona. Rosegold Beauty Salon Hair stylists can enhance an individual’s beauty and confidence.

Damage of Hair Styling

Styling requires heat, chemical-laden sprays, and tools that sometimes damage your hair. But with the advance of technology, hair styling tools have intelligent heat control, thus saving your hair from getting damaged, while giving a super voluminous, trendy, and unique appearance.
“Studies have shown that damage from overheating comes from using hair dryers or stylers over an excessive period or at very high temperatures.
When hair is exposed to extreme temperatures, its protein structure can change irreversibly. These changes cause the hair to become weaker and less elastic, which increases the likelihood of broken strands and split ends. Damaged hair doesn’t just become weak; it loses its natural shine, causing the cuticles to become rough. When light hits these areas, it scatters in all directions instead of reflecting straight back in a single order, causing a dull look.”
Worried about the damage, many don’t style their hair.
At Rosegold Beauty Salon “It’s a keen understanding of hair and knowing how to manage it that led us to find new technology that delivers better ways to style hair.”

Here are a few tips for Hair Styling in Accra from Rosegold Beauty salon

Always blow dry the fringe after washing: Leaving it to dry naturally can cause annoying kinks or misdirected hair strands, resulting in an edge that just won’t sit right.
“While blow drying, try lifting the roots with a brush until the hair is almost dry. Then blast air downwards on the fringe to soften the shape. This will give volume and help the edge sit more naturally

Start with freshly washed hair. Towel dry it.
Always use your preferred styling products, such as a smoothening cream, or hair oil, or leave it in a conditioner before blow drying it.
Finish with a light-holding spray that doesn’t weigh the hair down. “Lift the hair upwards, away from the head using a flat or round brush, and hold the hair up until dry to create volume and lift. Next, dry the mid-lengths and ends, positioning the smoothing nozzle down the hair section. This will help align the cuticles in the hair, giving it a smooth, natural finish,” suggests Johnson.

At Rosegold Beauty Salon ( Hair Styling In Accra)

At Rose Gold, you can be sure to be professionally served very well by our team of professional Hairstylistspedicurists, Manicurists, makeup artistsand other sales staff. Knowing that your total beauty solution lies with us, we have constructed below a list of popular services we render to all our cherished customers. We value every one of our customer’s time spent with us. Hence, we continually strive to provide the highest quality service to ensure you have a unique and memorable experience with us. Our extensive list of salon home & walk-in services and our competitive prices get guests in the door and keep them coming back for more

Braids Expert 

Preparing for that perfect day, a special event, a night out, or an occasion? trust our team of professional hair braiding stylists to create the ideal style to complement any look you so wish. Call on us for all your complementary hairstyles to suit your outfit and give you that flattering look of a gorgeous you. Leave the salon looking perfect with one of our professional finishes. Whatever the style; Bouncy blow-dry, Conrow, sleek and straight, raster, or an up-do- It’s up to you.


Are your Hair Extensions tangled and matted? throwing it away because there just isn’t anything to do with it anymore? WELL, DON’T! Rose Gold has a way of revamping your year-old hair to get an extra 2-4 months of wear out of it! From the time you step into our studio to the time we are done delivering the service, we ensure that you are fully satisfied and comfortable. Rose Gold finds you a deep conditioning treatment that’s right for your hair type. very affordable conditioner that works for you.

Weavon Fixing

All the stylists at Rose Gold are trained and focused on applying professional skills to achieve the desired results for each client’s hair and lifestyle demands. Our weavon fixing specialists are up-to-date on all the latest styles and trends, and they will work together with you to create the perfect style. We have weavon experts in Frontal fixing, 360 Frontal fixings, Closures, etc. Discover more about our color services, including our expert experience onsite. Nothing is more beautiful than the perfect weaving, cut, and style. Book an appointment today with the BOOKING button below. We’re just one call away.

Wig Making

We take every day special. Whether you want the elegance of a classic up-do or a more contemporary look, we’re here to serve you. We always recommend our handcrafted generic wig caps for your next style. Find out more about working with us to create a stunning look for your special event. Rose Gold offers the newest and best-selling designs from premier brands. Let your personality shine – wear our attractive women’s wigs, hairpieces, extensions, and other hair alternatives today. If you have sparse, thinning hair, illness-related hair loss, or simply a desire to look and feel you are the very best, you’ll find our broad variety of wig caps. Choose from our lightest-weight total capless designs


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Braids Expert in Ghana- Where to find Braid Expert in Accra Ghana Preparing for...

We Want Your Hair To Look Fabulous

Anti-Age Your Hair

Treat yourself to a new style or treatment in our large, well-equipped training salons. Services are carried out by trainees under the direction and supervision of experts and technician team. We welcome new clients and our prices are affordable and reflect the level of professionalism at which we serve. Book An Appointment Today let give you styles with smiles

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